A story about life

Life the infallible mystery, how did it spark into being?
Was the blueprint scourged onto a meteor, or did it rise up from a bubbling soup?

However it happened, the spectacular explosion from geology to biology had begun, and it triggered a chain reaction, as far as we know, unique in the universe.

A changing dazzling myriad of competition for repetition, life became the first great explorer, each branch reached out and grew into the emptiness.

Life thrived on life, it glided through the oceans and up through the rivers and streams. It rampaged over the land, and even took to the skies

Yet, for all these varieties and rivalries the very chemicals within us all, are connected by more than the planet we call home.

Every atom at your being was born in the big bang, in life
Never again to be created or destroyed, and if it comes to a big crunch it is good to know that every part of every organism ever known will all be together again.

So what’s the meaning of life? That the world has inspiring hours? Surely, get out live it!